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Four Online Skills to learn during the Lockdown

This post is about four Online skills to learn during the lockdown and some vital information to know about each of the online skill.

So many people have been wondering and asking themselves questions about what to do ever since the lockdown has been in place.

Below are the Four Online Skills to learn during the lockdown in Nigeria while at home;


Most people might have heard of this graphic designing and may not regard it as something meaningful or as financial means because they don’t see the full picture.

Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages.

An average Nigerian graphic designer earns up to a hundred thousand naira monthly,this is a perfect opportunity for you to utilize your time during the lockdown and after the lockdown.

A graphic designer does not just design logos or prints some stuffs,there’s a lot to it and so much to acquire from it. Being a graphic designer is being independent and you can start it on your own and its one of the FOUR Online Skills you can learn during the lockdown in Nigeria.

All you need to start up this graphic designing is just a Laptop and a nice social media page to display your works,keep it coming and you can make some money from it.


Digital marketing also known as internet marketing to some people is also one of the four skills you can learn during the lockdown.

  • What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

•Where do Digital Marketers offer their service?

Being a Digital Marketer enhances and creates a wider opportunity for you in the online jobs forum as so many companies and business personnel find it hard to attract customers and also to keep them coming.
Not just companies need the service of a digital marketer,but most bloggers as well need their service.

Another question could definitely be where do i learn or start this digital marketing race in Nigeria?

Currently there are many free online youtube tutorials talking about how beginners who want to emerge into the digital marketing concept can start.

  • How much does a digital marketer earn in Nigeria?

An average digital marketer earns up to 120,000 naira monthly and higher than that depending on your expertise.

All you need is a smart phone or a laptop which i highly recommend and the knowledge and you are good to go. And to learn more click here to go through a digital marketing site that offers a course for it.


You want to be independent? Then FOREX is a key step for you as i recommend it to be part of THE FOUR SKILLS YOU CAN LEARN DURING THE LOCKDOWN. It gives you access to the world’s largest growing asset and you can take advantage of it and become financially independent.

Now what is forex?

Forex trading
Forever an online skill you can learn during the lockdown

Foreign Exchange (Forex) refers to the foreign exchange market. It is the over-the-counter market in which the foreign currencies of the world are use to trade. It is the largest market in the world.

All it takes to be able to trade this forex is time and diligence,and if you can work towards it in a space of 2 months you can be able to scalp and trade the market on your own.

Most people think to start up a forex trade is so much money but from research all you need to start up is a minimum of 5$ and if you are good at the market you can make a huge fortune from it.

To know more about the forex trading as a skill you can leave a comment on the comment section below to get more information.


This is also one of the most resourceful online job that anyone can start up and its recommended as a nice skill to learn during the lockdown.

  • What is a Blog?
Blogging an online skill

Now a lot of people might be confused or find it hard to understand what a blog actually is.

A Blog simply put is an online journal connected to a website,having texts,images and videos as its vital contents.

Blogging as a skill comes with a lot of consistency and hard work. Top nigerian bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya and the likes of others had to put a lot before they became successful.

  • What are the things you need to start a blog?

A smart phone or a laptop,a domain name and a domain hosting service (i will be talking more about these in my coming posts). Having all these doesn’t guarantee you a success in your blog but being brushed up and following up good tutorials can really yield you better results as time goes on.

So these are the Four Online Skills you can learn during the Lockdown in Nigeria,and if you have any question please leave a comment below.

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Online Skills

Five Online Skill Courses that will be in high demand after the lockdown

According to research from entrepreneurs,the coronavirus lockdown has brought a global shutdown which has made many businesses and companies to go off the market and about 20% of these companies are still in phase because they have people who specialized in some Online Skill Courses that pays off.

Doing something productive during the lockdown is the best decision you can make. This post will be sharing some Online Skill Courses you can learn without need for a degree. These online skills are known to be skills that will come in high demand after the lockdown.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing
Online Skill Courses

To understand what Digital marketing is all about,you can click here to have a preview of it.

Most businesses like the alibaba company,jumia,amazon etc and they all have digital marketers. This Digital marketers are there to help push their products online whether there is shutdown or whatsoever the case maybe. These digital marketers brings the products of these companies to people who will definitely turn out to become customers online.

With this lockdown all over the globe,most businesses which do not operate with digital marketers need them because their products have been off the market. This will bring a huge need for Digital marketers once the lockdown will be over.

Choosing this as a skill will not cut you off from your current job,but will help create more benefits for anyone after the lockdown.

So go online make some research about this Digital Marketing and pick up an online class to learn this Skill and put it into full practice the benefits are sure.


Being a copy writer is also a great online skill that will be in demand after the lockdown.

This is also a skill that does not require a university degree or any other certificate.
All it takes its just some days with proper learning and practise. There are online classes,ebooks for this online skill course and you can get trained by visiting the following link to get trained in writing good quality contents or copies.

In copy writing you create online ads,emails and also write contents for affiliate sales. Businesses and companies that have not been making use of copywriters will definitely find this skill as a measure to push their products or business forward.

you find this skill fit for you,do not hesitate in making more research on it,put in time and practice it and you will find it really helpful once the lockdown is over.


Every business or company will need to get in touch or reach out to people that will find their products really useful and to do that they will need a traffic generator.

Online skill courses

Being a Traffic generator varies,you could chose to generate traffics for a business brand on any social media like Facebook,Instagram or on YouTube etc. This online skill desires a great impact and more of advertisement to people for different businesses or brands.

To become a Traffic generator,you will need to choose a particular social media where you can generate this traffic.

This is one simple skill anyone can do because almost everyone are using most social media platform all it takes is to turn their social media handle into a traffic generation means for business and companies who will be in demand of this online skill course.
Taking this from the Online Skill Courses,is an important skill that you can learn and start making money at your own comfort.


Coding is basically the computer language used to develop apps, websites, and software. Without it,none of the most popular technology we’ve come to use daily such as Facebook, our smartphones, the browser we choose to view our favorite blogs, or even the blogs themselves. It all runs on code.

Coding in computer language

Uprising software technologies like Blockchain, AI and Cloud who will be renovating their software models will be in demand of developing skills in coding.

Understanding and coding the computer language is really a nice skill as it offers an opportunity into the technology firm. Choosing this from the other Online Skill Courses can really be profitable after the lockdown.

To be on the path of coding,you can get more by clicking here.


Most businesses still don’t have a website even before this pandemic started.

This definitely has slowed every means for them to take their products to people both far and near as everyone is recommended to sit at home.

Web designing is a nice Online Skill which serves multipurpose to different industries.

Web designers will be in high demand after the lockdown because no business or company will want to be behind after these series of lockdown.

Picking any of the above Online Skill Course will be really valid. Learn,practice and make good use of any of the Skills.

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