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Ten things you should know



This post is about ten things you should know and it is a fact that has been proven. Everyday we learn new things which can help us in our daily lives,environment and our social lives with people.

Below are ten things you should know;

  • When you are taking a walk and suspect someone following you,take four right and if they’re still behind, they’re following you. This fact serves as a security orientation to everyone. Knowing this and applying it can help you stay out of trouble wherever you are.
  • An octopus will eat its own arms if it gets really hungry.
  • Video games are more effective method of overcoming depression in teens than counseling.
  • Some cats are allergic to humans. To those who want to have a cat as a pet,well this is one of the things you should know and you can get more information about cats as pets by clicking here.
  • French fries are from Belgium not France. We call it french fries does not mean it comes from france.
  • The average woman absorbs up to 5 pounds of damaging chemicals a year thanks to beauty products.
  • Men and women who listen to similar music tend to be better communicators and have longer lasting relationships.
  • There’s a little voice in your head reading this right now. You know this is true.
  • Being forgetful is a genetic trait and everyone is prone to forget,it is a genetic trait we can’t disagree on.
  • Twerking is actually good and it helps the deep muscles of the hips and also the core muscles of the lower back and abs.

Those are the Ten things you should know,they are facts. If you have any to share,please we will love it if you share with us by leaving a comment below.

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Ten Incredible Facts You Might Not Know



What you don’t know might hurt you. Ten incredible Random facts for the day,not just ordinary facts you see all the time,these are unique.

Facts keeps coming and we learn a lot from them. Did you know a picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting by the side of a tree with an apple about falling off from the tree was actually the Apple’s first logo in 1976?

Did you know continuous use of onion bulb juice can actually help regain hair loss?

Why don’t you check out the following Ten random facts for the day to get fascinated.

  • Cats can remember love and kindness shown to them, and return it in the future. Following research,it has been discovered that cats are also the most popular domestic pet in the world.
  • Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. Great minds like Steve Jobs,Bill gates and the rest really discussed great ideas and that’s why they are known for their intelligence.
  • Smiling, even in a bad mood, can immediately improve your mood because these muscles are enough to trigger happy chemicals in the brain.
  • Albert Einstein a theoretical physicist said that if the honey bees were to suddenly disappear from Earth, we would see an apocalypse within 4 years.
  • Did you know the movie star Jackie Chan once picked a fight with Bruce Lee – and lost? Incredible because not all fans of Jackie chan know about it.
  • People who post more selfies tend to have shallow relationships with people. Following a post from shares some more facts about selfish lifestyle.
  • A survey says those who wear black are seen as serious and reliable — almost 50% women and 64% of men agree that black exudes confidence. It is noteworthy to know that putting on black wears can be very sensitive.
  • Researchers estimate that two-thirds of humans have no idea what they’re good at or what their strengths are. A lot of teenagers also find it hard to understand themselves as well.
  • Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego. Remember it takes just five words and five fingers to say Sorry.
  • Go. is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. You can use it as a command as well without adding any other additional sentence to fill your intention to another person.

Those are the Ten Random facts for the day. In case you have any other Random facts that really amazes you please share with us in the comment below. And you can get more facts from the facts Category.

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Five Health Facts You Don’t Know



Having agood rest is really vital and important

If anyone was asked to talk about some health facts which can help improve the entire human system, definitely everyone will mention eating good food and physical fitness as the important health facts.

What we most times don’t take serious in our health can be the most important factor which can help us in our daily activities. Without much to say this post is about Five healthy facts you might have been missing out.

  • Did you know that unhealthy eating and sleeping habits,thumb sucking,fingernail biting,nose picking and watching of too much TV are habits that harm Children? Most Children develop some of these habits either consciously or unconsciously. These habits have been observed to put their health at risk resulting from related problems like sleep diffusion,eye strain,blurry vision,nonmalignant tumor and poor academic performance.

  • Bad eating habits (eating unhealthy food,skipping of meal,picky eating and eating while watching TV )are also factors that can make you to develop health related problems such as liver problems,difficulty in breathing,memory problem,development of atherosclerosis ie hardening of the blood vessels and heart diseases. Proper health measures if not taken can really bring about a break down in your state of living.
  • It is advisable to take a break from your digital devices for every 20 minutes for 20 seconds whenever you are browsing for information on the net. Blinking while going or making use of your device is also a fact to help keep the eyes muscles in good condition in terms of making use of your digital gadgets.

  • Some illness can be cured just when you take some time off or when you rest. Reason is because it has been proven that whenever you rest you help build up your immune system and restore energy to your cells. Having some rest according to also gives better abilities to solve problems and reduces the risk of having a high blood pressure as it slows the heart rate. Whenever you feel like you are having a headache and your weak,getting some rest is a fact that you need to practise.

  • There are Primary and Secondary Hypertension. The primary has no identify cause but the Secondary aspect is characterized of health related problems such as cancer,kidney disease,overweight etc. When it gets severe it can lead to strokes,heart attacks and heart failure. A change of Lifestyle can help reduce or avoid any of the above mentions

From the above,it is clear a lot of us have been denying ourselves proper rest and as well fail to change our lifestyle with the way we make use of our digital devices.

Have enough rest, eat good meals and do your best to keep your kids from picking of their noses, watching of too much tv and as well ensure they sleep well.

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Ten helpful facts of the day



Have you ever wondered why new facts keeps coming? Its because new research are being made every time to give you facts of the day.

Imagine if all you knew where the things you were taught in school with no other research, do you think there will be so much improvement in the world today? Well this post brings to your finger tips Ten helpful facts of the day. Below are the facts of the day;

Did you know?

  • Lack of sleep causes the brain to remember events incorrectly? When you do not take a break,you will breakdown. Enough rest is required to keep you active and as well help the brain process information properly. So many who don’t get enough rest may either experience sleeplessness or tend to remember things incorrectly.
  • The blob (amorphous substance usually a liquid or semiliquid) of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush before you brush your teeth is called a nurdle? Most of us just believe we have some paste on our brush and that’s all that matters and we dont even know about it being called a “Nurdle”.
  • Did you know that eating blueberries can help improve your memory. As we grow older,there is a tendency of memory loss but eating enough blueberries can actually help reduce memory loss. Following some research,Blueberries also help prevent aging as they act as a preventive measure towards DNA damage and blueberries are also contain low Calories But High in Nutrients. An interesting fact of the day as a health guide to everyone with this knowledge of blueberries.
  • Did you know Jellyfish are biologically immortal. They don’t age and will never die unless they are killed. Jellyfish do not just serve as food to man by also to other marine animals. According to research,jellyfish are also protect other little fishes from predators. To know more fact about jellyfish you can visit here for additional information.
  • Did you know In 2009, Disney was in talks about creating ‘The Dark Kingdom’ at Disney World – A fifth park that would’ve been themed around its villains. Disney is also known to have been the highest explosive buyer in history.
  • When men listen to women’s voices, it activates the same part of the brain that processes the sound of music.
  • In Chinese writing, there is no capital letter, there are no spaces between characters, and characters have 10 strokes, on average.
  • Going to the gym can increase your GPA. Research carried out has prove on how regular physical activities can help boost students gpa. When there is rapid decline in the physical activity it can lead to old age.
  • You should delete your browser cookies before buying airline tickets – Ticket fares go up when you’ve visited a site multiple times.
  • In the continent of Africa,having over 54 countries presently there are more than 1,000 different languages are spoken on the continent of Africa.

There you have the Ten facts of the day. If you have anything facts to share please leave a comment below.

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