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Relationship Tips

Ways for you to let go of a broken relationship

Ways to move on after breaking up with your relationship partner

Have you ever been in a relationship where it seems you gave a lot for both you and your relationship partner? A relationship that you were so committed to and made a lot of sacrifices for the relationship to work?

So many of us have been in such relationship only to get our hearts broken by our so called partner. Being in the relationship is not the matter,walking out of the relationship might be painful but the major part is trying to let go of the person you love that is your relationship partner.

We have seen a lot of people come out of a broken relationship and they can’t let go or forget the person they were dating.

Some go as far as getting a therapist to help them forget the person they love totally but truth be told it won’t work that way.

Forgetting who you love is really difficult and only when you are consistent,you can let go. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost,there are other ways you can make use of to forget your relationship partner.

Trying the following ways below doesn’t guarantee total or a quick memory loss about what you had with your relationship partner,but it will help you to move on in Life as a heart break is not a death sentence.


Working on yourself doesn’t mean working out,no,you need to heal completely within and outside. You got a text or a call from your partner and next thing he or she says to you is,”its over this relationship cannot work”. Its a striking blow to you right? You felt like your heart is so heavy that you can’t walk or talk to anyone. This is where you working on yourself comes in and you do that by first;

  • Love yourself: you will feel bad but don’t feel so sad about it (i understand how hard it can be). Don’t hate yourself,don’t ever give yourself the impression of you being so reckless or stupid truth is bad things happens to good people for no reason and you my dear being someone who gave in so much to make the relationship work is definitely a good person. Cheer up and appreciate yourself for who you are. Remember this,you are who you are because you my friend is a lovely angel (male or female).
  • Forgive the person: You can’t say you have moved on and deep in your heart you know you have not forgiven your relationship partner for breaking your heart. As it takes time to heal and move on so is forgiveness required. I remember getting a break up message from my ex,as sad as it was i could not bring myself to hate my ex rather i took a deep breath for some time and just said to myself “i will let go”. Forgiving your relationship partner or ex for whatever reason for the break up will give you the freedom for you to move on.
  • Change your thoughts: Everyone who got their heart broken are bound to keep on thinking about their ex or relationship partner time after time. It could take months or if so attached and emotionally depressed,years before your thoughts will change. In order to move on,you need to work on your thoughts and try as much as possible to breathe in and out whenever the thoughts of your ex comes into your mind. As hard as it may seem to be,finding a way to change your thoughts will really help you move on and help heal you within time.
  • Spend time with family and friends: one way for anyone to forget a bad day at work or anywhere is spending good time with friends or family. Lets say you didn’t tell your family or friends about the heart break,there will be no possible way you will be all moody and absent minded when you are around with good friends and family who means well for you.

This will help heal you and as well help reshape your thoughts. You go out with them,parties and the rest and who knows you might find a new hobby on any of the occasion. Try it out and it will really help you to forget about your ex or relationship partner.

  • Try to love again: This is totally one of the reasons why the writer of this content insists you work on yourself. You can not love someone else when you have not fully made up your mind in letting go of the past memories,times and romance you had with your former relationship partner. No,there’s no way you can find love (even though you do without healing,you will be super worst and a mess in your new relationship). Though it hurts,but to totally move on and let go is to find love again. Inspiretips gave more reasons for you to recreate new memories and seasons. Throw yourself totally to someone new who will adore you and love you and with time trust me,you will forget your heart was broken before.

You might be wondering why are there no other way for you on this post. Truth be told,there’s actually no other way the writer could come up with except the first heading.

Now if you’ve read it this far you must be wondering why did the writer of this post focus fully on you “working on yourself”!

Lets take this irony or popular saying we all must have heard from our friends,family members,teachers etc

“THE SKY WILL BE YOUR LIMIT” nice saying and spirit uplifting speech right! But on a second thought,have you ever wondered why everyone has not actually made that saying a reality in their lives?

Now head back to the first heading on ways you can move on when heart broken,fix in “THEY DIDN’T before the first word and replace THEIR SELVES on the last word.

You might want to really do it in order to move on.

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Relationship Tips

Can you be in a relationship without sex? A Survey people talked about

Relationship without sex

Can you be in a Relationship without Sex? The question is not just for you but for every love bird out there. Can your relationship survive without sex? Yes and no are definitely going to be the response but everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as it works perfectly for them.

A little survey was carried about by the hookinfo team as to regards on how most relationship survives. We hear a lot about relationships collapsing for one reason or the other.
During the survey we realized that most people in a relationship can not do without sex and some are there for the love,care and communication. As some believe that their relationship can be perfect without sex,others disagree to it. We decided to get more insights about it and here are some reasons as to regards if a relationship can survive with or without sex and ways there relationship has survived.


Chixxy had this to say “A relationship without Sex will be Perfect” a relationship doesn’t have to be about sex”,she said.

Chixxy also went on to share from her own perspective other things that can spice a relationship without sex are,”Love,
Communication and Other fun activities like a Date night and Movie night can make a relationship perfect”.

Simplydebbie gave her opinion on what she thinks about a relationship without sex “It depends,it can be perfect and can’t also be,depending on the individuals involved”.

Simplydebbie went further on to throw more light for her reasons and here’s what she had to say “lovers in a relationship have to understand each other first,if they both decide to be in the relationship without having sex then it’s possible but when either you or your partner wants sex in the relationship and the other doesn’t,it can be hard and can lead to cheating and infidelity”.

Beatrice Mkbs had this to say “it totally depends on the couples,if one of them is a sex addict but because of his partner he or she has to abstain it could be difficult. But when both partners agree to it that there will be no sex then it can be perfect”.

She went on to give reasons why people should be in a relationship and she had this to say “i believe a relationship is something that people should love each other and be with each other without being materialistic attached”.

Beatrice Mkbs still said more on how a relationship without sex can survive,here’s what she had to say,”it can work if they both love each other,visiting and going out together,supporting each other and planning together because no serious partner will want someone who cannot plan with them.”

Do you think Beatrice mkbs opinions are right? Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinion,lets see what others had to say as well.


Bella had this to say “Even if they don’t have sex all the time let it be once in a while because someone who is ready to be in a relationship should be of age and by then is an adult. So for a girl who is of the right age, is legally allowed to have sex but sometimes some guys or girls try as much to avoid it due to their own reasons. So the fact is that before someone will make up his or her mind that I can’t have sex in this relationship there is always a reason and it’s better your partner agree to go on with the relationship or not”.

Bella went on to share more,”whatever their decision is try to respect it,if you cannot,you can walk away but if you want to accept it be sure that your partner is not lying to you because some relationships, a girl can tell a guy she doesn’t want to have sex with him but will be having sex with another man behind her partner”.

To close the curtain,Bella made her opinion clear and this is what she had to say,”so my take on this is that sex is a choice and it comes with reasons and relationship isn’t about sex, a couple might decide not to have sex but the relationship will lead somewhere and sometimes the relationship might not work because of the other wants more”.

“I won’t want to have sex in a relationship with who am dating,to me its the best and safest because i don’t know how serious the relationship will be and also i can not have sex with someone who’s health status i have no idea of”- Feghor.

“Its quite difficult to be in a relationship without sex,especially when it is someone you are attracted to. I will not rush into sex with someone am in a relationship with. I will first let the relationship to be more promising like 6 or 8 months before i think of having sex with my partner”- Joy.

“Yes,i will have sex because i believe it will make the relationship last longer”- Tutu love.
(Everyone has a right to their opinion no criticism)

“I will love to be in a relationship without sex,but most guys will not want to be in a relationship without sex”-Gift.

Do you think most guys will always want to have sex with whoever they are dating or in a relationship with? Lets see what some of the guys had to say below.

HQ Britte had this to say “yes,i can be in a relationship without having sex,i don’t like having sex so i prefer not going to that aspect in my relationship. I believe that if you have sex in your relationship thinking it will work,it will never work out no matter the number of times you have sex,it will only become a habit in the relationship.

HQ Britte also talked on how he has been in a relationship without having sex,”i started with the determination that there will be no sex in my relationship. Sometimes i avoid being somewhere that’s too lonely with my girlfriend,i prefer where there ate few people around. I also try to keep myself in check and we don’t watch movies alone to avoid arousing the feelings of having sex”.

“It solely depends on the kind of relationship,if the relationship is all about materialistic things surely there’s going to be sex but if it is not centered on materialistic things in my relationship,then i do not see sex to be compulsory”- Pablo.

Do you think sex should be in a relationship when it is all about materialistic things? You can share your opinion on our twitter page @hookinfo1

It all depends on every partner,a post from highlighted how partners can increase intimacy in their relationship without sex.

You can share your opinion with us by leaving a comment below with a nick name because the above are not their real names.

Can follow us on our social media pages for more relationship surveys.

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Relationship Tips

7 Tips on How You can have a Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

What’s a healthy relationship all about? As we humans get sick at times and decide to get some medication so is our relationship. When there is true love,affection,understanding and care among others in your relationship then its healthy.

As much as we all define or illustrate a healthy relationship in various ways,here are some important Tips for a healthy relationship.

You both Communicate

You can’t say your in a relationship and you do not communicate with your partner. Communication is a fundamental characteristic of a healthy relationship. You communicate with your partner often. You both share thoughts about how your day was,how work has been and other things that stirs up a conversation. Most people do have mood swing and they do not feel like talking to anyone but remember this your partner is just not anyone,your partner is your everything.

No matter how sad you are,always communicate with your partner and when you two engage in a discussion,you feeling sad fades away because you got your partner to share whatever situation your going through.

You show Affection to each other

A relationship is no child’s play and comes with a lot that most people seem to Ignore. Showing some Affection towards your partner is as important as air is to man. It do happens that most couples forget how they fell in love,how they both showed so much affection to each other. We are all in hard times and got a lot going on in our minds but slow down, ask yourself this question,when was the last time you told your partner how lucky you are to have him or her? When last did you share a romantic kiss with your partner? 70% of couples out there no longer find it romantic in calling their partners nice pet names (majority of women love pet names).

Being affectionate must not be you being around all the time but there’s lockdown so why don’t you show your partner or lover the real affection you have for them. Knowing how best your partner receives affection is good. You can hold your partner without him or her asking(we all need that special one to hold us tight),touch your partner gently let him or her feel those chills on their skin. With social distance going on,you can prepare your partner’s favorite meal and spice things up like a special night out. You knowing your partner moods when it comes to affection and doing it keeps you in a healthy relationship.

You Appreciate each other

When you both appreciate each other,the both of you are in a healthy relationship. Appreciation or gratitude really makes a healthy relationship. Appreciating the little gestures your partner makes no matter hoe big or little it can be will keep on boosting your bond to each other and increase your relationship span. The little “thank you” will keep your partner coming around.

You both Respect each other boundaries

No matter how you and your partner are so attached to each other,there will always be a boundary between you two. You both might not like or do totally the same thing and at such,respecting each other boundary is more than enough to keel your relationship healthy.

Following a post from,When you respect each other it shows how much value you have for each other. Don’t let misunderstanding creep in between you two,be formal and plain about what you might not like. Knowing likes and dislikes and respecting each other is a good characteristic for a healthy relationship.

You Trust each other

No matter the countless conversations and affection if there’s no trust in your relationship then it is totally not healthy. When you two trust each other,is like giving having each other heart to take care of. When you trust each other,you both don’t feel alone. The both of you know you got each other to pour out whatever you got in your mind (except for a birthday or dinner surprise,keep it a secret). When the both of you trust each other,you are showing each other an unconditional love that neither your boss or friends don’t get to show.

You Support and Encourage each other

Your partner had a bad day at work or had problem with some tests at school,you are not just a partner for title sake,you are more than a best friend. Support and encourage your partner at all times,make your partner know he or she is not alone. When you both support and encourage each other,both of you are in a healthy relationship.

You Forgive each other

Misunderstandings and mistakes are prone to happen but handling it and forgiving each other is really important. Little mistakes like not understanding how you feel and ignores should be forgiven when your partner is remorseful. Do not take time to forgive your partner. Do not make him or her feel worse or bad when they make a mistake and keep apologizing. When the both of you forgive each other quickly,you both get to be happy and help make resolving issues between you two fast and better.

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Relationship Tips

Things You Should Do When Your Partner Cheats on You


It is not easy to deal with the fact that your partner cheated on you,neither are there any ways to totally erase it from your memory. Infidelity is a major cause for so many broken relationships,it has broken happy partners and its still on the verge in destroying more. Knowing that your partner cheated on you is totally heartbreaking but deciding to stick to your partner in that relationship despite the infidelity will stand as a reason in making the bond stronger and better.

Some decide to leave and some decide to stay. Whatever your decision maybe,your happiness is in your hands and the zeal to move on depends on your mindset.

This post will be disclosing ways on what you should do when your partner cheats on you.


As hard or bad it may seem to be,deciding to stay or leave the relationship,you will definitely have questions which you will need answers from. Knowing why your partner was unfaithful to you in the relationship can really help make your bond stronger. Bad as it may seem,it will help expose you to some underlying factors you might have been ignoring in your relationship. Ask your partner questions,what must you have done wrong? what role as a partner did you not play or stick to? Where you not affectionate or romantic enough? Definitely there must be a reason why your partner cheated on you and being honest and clear about it is the only way you two can get back but if it seems your partner doesn’t want to open up as to why he or she cheated,its clear your partner wants nothing else to do with you.

Helen a health care practician,almost working a full day came home to find her partner with a different lady on their bed. At first depression crept in and with so much sadness she tried to still talk to her partner why he cheated on her. This is where being honest and open comes in play,her partner made it clear to her that he truly loves her but she being too busy and less affectionate made him seek another lady. Yes being too busy might not justify any reason for your partner to cheat on you,but most partners wont want to be less cared for or loved or to let a job be chosen over them.

As painful as it may seem to be,know why it happened. It may hurt but it will help you decide.


Depression creeps in and your mind start wallowing about,you start judging yourself for falling in love,you blame yourself for being faithful or lovely or caring to your partner and yet he or she cheated on you. That’s not a good watts recover,its certainly going to drain you the more and make you feel bad. When it happens,accept the fact that it has happens and you need to move on. Don’t blame yourself,your partner or any other person. Playing the blame game will only make u feel worse and you wont be able to move on nor forgive your partner if you truly decide to stay in the relationship.

Helen would have played the blame game,but part of her just made her realize a part of her was not in the relationship and she deciding to stay back in the relationship made her let go off the blame game and settle things with her partner.

Following a post from popsugar,most people intend to cope with their cheating partner,all depends on you and its your decision.

You don’t need to hate yourself or anyone,don’t let your mind decide you.


You got to know your partner cheated on you,that doesn’t mean the world ended for you and you need to look dirty and unkept. Try as much as possible to take care of yourself,eat good meals (your partner doesn’t own your body or stomach) bath regularly and put on nice clothes when going out. You don’t need to let the whole world know you witnessed a painful event in your relationship no matter how hard it is.

Taking care of yourself is important when you have witnessed such infidelity. Try to have some fun especially when you decide to leave the relationship.


Most times,you cannot settle the scores or reason for infidelity amongst yourselves,seeking a therapist or relationship counsellor can really help. A counsellor will stand as a neutral party who won’t be taking anyone’s side before and after knowing the reasons for such infidelity. When your partner cheats,depression and confusion are bound to happen,especially when you sacrificed a lot in that relationship or marriage. When kids are involved and you know the kids can’t do without your partner,seeking a counsellor will really help.

The both of you get to be free in speaking because there is a third party listening to both of you and not taking sides.

Not a friend of yours or your partner,just a neutral person trying to patch things up. At the end,the counsellor can come up with some measures for you two to take in order to make your relationship work.

Respect and understanding will really go a long way for the both of you to build your relationship again and to return the love which is more important. According to nbcnews,there are other ways you can take to repair your relationship.


When you and your partner have settled it all,there is a tendency it might happen again and you having your self respect or dignity is important you walk away. Let your partner know about an ultimatum that whenever he or she cheats on you again with someone else you are leaving for good. It is more important to not witness another heart break for a second time,in this case ending the relationship is better than to remain in such toxic relationship.

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